Perfect Gifts For Your Cool Mom

Your cool mom deserves cool jewelry, and that happens to be our speciality. We're breaking down the perfect gifts for your mom based on her style and personality.

Your mom loves you unconditionally. She would be perfectly happy with any Mother's Day gift because it's the thought that counts, right? She loved that macaroni necklace you made her in the third grade. Why should this be any different? The time for homemade jewelry is past. We know that your mom is special, and she deserves a piece of jewelry as special as her. Read on to find her perfect gift.

For the Sentimental Mom

She posts embarrassing baby pictures of you on Facebook and tags you in them. She tells all of her friends about your accomplishments. She still has that macaroni necklace from the third grade. She's the sentimental mom, and she would love nothing more than a piece of jewelry to look down at every day as a constant reminder of you. Birthstone jewelry is her perfect gift.

For the Spiritual Mom

She owns a bundle of sage. She knew what her sun, moon, and rising signs were before the Co-Star astrology app ever existed. She asks you to please, stop yelling, it’s throwing her chakras out of balance and putting negative energy into the universe. She’s the spiritual mom, and she would love these gifts that represent her zodiac sign (or yours).

For the Classic Mom

She loves black and white movies. She's a firm believer in the idea that diamonds are a girl's best friend. She wouldn't let you borrow her pearl earrings for the school dance because she knew you'd lose them (and now that you're older you realize she was probably right). She's the classic mom, and she needs a classic gift. Pearls, diamonds, and floral pieces will make her feel like an Old Hollywood starlet.

For the Trendy Mom

She has a subscription to Vogue. She wouldn't be caught dead in the last year's styles. You're dying to go through her clothes from the 80's and 90's because the selection is bound to be better than any posh vintage store. She's the trendy mom, and you learned everything you know about style from her. It's time to give back as a thank you for teaching you good taste, and she'll appreciate these on trend jewels.

For the Silver and White Gold Mom

You inherited her sense of resolve. She's a woman who knows what she wants and what she doesn't want. What she doesn't want is yellow gold, and we respect that. Not to worry, we have plenty of silver and white gold options for you to find her perfect gift while showing her how well you know her sense of style (a win-win).

On behalf of the entire LE team, we're sending lots of love and respect to all the beautiful, hard working mamas out there! Check out the Mother's Day Gift Guide for more gift ideas for your cool mom.

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