Quiz: Your Perfect Engagement Ring Based on Your Personality

unique engagement rings with alternative stones

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Is it just us, or do you find yourself dreaming about the perfect ring even more than the perfect person? 

It's perfectly normal to have cold feet when it comes to narrowing down the options for the ring you'll wear the rest of your life (now that's commitment). Luckily, we're here to help. Read on to find your perfect engagement ring based on your personality.

unique alternative engagement rings with colorful stones

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What’s the vibe of your go to playlist?

A. Lots of love songs

B. All the old school hits

C. Rock ‘n roll, baby

D. An eclectic mix of genres

It’s Saturday night- where can we find you?

A. An elaborately planned date night

B. At a jazz club with a martini in hand

C. Your favorite dive bar

D. Depends on what time- you’re hitting at least 3 different spots

Your signature style includes:

A. Anything flowy and feminine- you basically invented cottagecore

B. A timeless denim jacket that will never go out of style

C. A leather jacket that’s nice and worn in (and maybe a little dirty)

D. Your style changes too often to narrow it down

Everyone needs a hobby. Yours is:

A. Picking flowers and writing love notes

B. Reading- especially the classics

C. Anything involving loud music (like, reaaaally loud)

D. You have so many hobbies we’d be shocked

You’re heading to the movies. What genre are you seeing?

A. A romantic comedy, duh

B. The newly remastered version of something in black and white

C. A horror movie- but you’re sure it won’t be scary enough for you

D. You’ll decide when you get there


Mostly A’s: Flower Diamond Engagement Ring

unique flower diamond engagement ring on a hand

You’re a textbook romantic, and your ring needs to be as sweet as you. Enter the Flower Diamond Engagement Ring. This unique piece is the first chapter in your fairytale ending.

Mostly B’s: Monroe Ring in Yellow Gold

classic engagement ring

You have an appreciation for classic beauty and tradition. Your ring needs to be timeless, but still fit your modern day style. The Monroe Ring is as gorgeous as its namesake, with a modern feel and a classic setting.

Mostly C’s: Black Diamond Mandala Engagement Ring

 unique black diamond engagement ring

You’re a rule breaker. You don’t subscribe to style norms, and you need something that reflects your dark side. What better way to do so than with a black diamond engagement ring?

Mostly D’s: Sway Ring Set in White Sapphire

unique three ring engagement ring set 

Variety is the spice of life, and committing to one ring for the rest of it is enough to send you into a panic. Lucky for you, the three bands of the sway ring can be switched around in different ways to create multiple looks and keep you from getting bored.

Now that you know your perfect ring, it's time to take the plunge. Luckily you can special order any of these rings in your size. Having second thoughts? Browse our entire collection of unique engagement rings. And keep in mind, all of these beauties look just as good on your right hand.

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