Meet the Muse: Rachel Nguyen

Get to know Rachel Nguyen, the muse behind Local Eclectic's latest collaboration with A Peace Treaty. 

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Can you quickly introduce yourself and what you do?

Hi! My name is Rachel Nguyen. I'm a YouTuber and content creator based in sunny LA. 

You had the option to select a designer for this collaboration. Why did you want to work with A Peace Treaty?

I first saw a pair of [A Peace Treaty's] earrings on my extremely stylish friend then immediately after at Mode PR's showroom. The jewelry itself is easy to pull off with any given outfit and the more you get into the brand the more you realize where the name came about. Everything is made by a skilled artisan - you can feel the story when you wear one of their jewels. It’s guilt-free and something I wanted to be a part of.

What are your go to accessories? Do you tend to wear more statement pieces or delicate jewels?

I love a great pair of earrings and all the great dainty pieces. But I also love people who pull off statement jewelry. It’s a balanced art of layering your collectables. 

"Wearing jewelry should be fun, not over-thought." 

Talk a bit about the mood board you created and what you were hoping for with this collaboration.

The mood is youthful, bright, and innocent. I want jewelry that looks as good in a baby doll dress as it would paired with an all black outfit. Dana really executed the vision without me having to say much. 

How would you describe the process of combining your style with A Peace Treaty for this collaboration?

If you look at the shapes, weight, and stone of all the pieces, the details are artisanal and very APT. The iridescent opal touch definitely comes from my realm but it’s all in how you wear it! From the asymmetrical earrings to a dangly choker, they’re all meant to be fun. 

Do you wear a lot of opals normally? Why did you want to incorporate them with this collaboration? 

I don’t but I do now! The opal idea actually came from Dana when she saw my moldboard, which naturally had lots of light and iridescent colors. But I do have a crystal of it and it’s a favorite in my little stash and sits by my desk to channel creative vibes.

Styling tips for these pieces?

Wear with confidence! 

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