Ring Stacking 101

We’re no strangers to ring stacking. In fact, it’s kind of what made us famous on Instagram.  We’ve done it all, from dainty to chunky, from classic to on trend, so it’s about time we share our best advice on how to create the ring stack of your dreams. We’re all about playing around when it comes to anything jewelry related, so take these tips as suggestions, not rules.  When it comes to stacking your styles, it’s all about switching it up and trying different things until you find what makes you feel fabulous.  Read on for five of our favorite ways to stack your rings.

The Classic Ring Stack

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Way back when, when ring stacking first became a trend, there was a simple formula for creating your stack: place two arced or angled stacking rings on top and bottom of a single stone center. The thing about foolproof formulas is that they stand the test of time, so we’re still obsessed with this classic style of stacking.

The Double Band Ring Stack

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Bands are a perfect place to start when you’re building a ring stack because there are no angles or edges to worry about. You know they’re going to fit together like two halves of a whole, plus they look gorgeous on their own (we LOVE the versatility). Play around by mixing and matching styles with different widths. From chunky to dainty, pretty much any two bands will look beautiful together.

The Chunky Ring Stack

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There’s no question that chunky is on trend. There’s something about chunky rings that feel super luxe and oh so cool, and we’re all in favor of playing with maximalism and stacking them up on one finger. Three chunky rings are not for the faint of heart, so if you’re feeling unsure about all of that gold,start with two styles to ease yourself into it.

The Colorful Ring Stack

Shop the look: Heaven on Earth Ring with Sky Blue Topaz & Sapphire, Tanzanite Five Oval Ring

For fans of color, ring stacking is the perfect way to pair different shades for a look that’s as bright as it is beautiful. The possibilities are endless, from stacks that keep to one color family like the gorgeous cool toned beauty above, to a mixture of all different colors to create a rainbow on your finger. Try mixing multicolored pieces, or pair multiple single stones (like these birthstone rings that were made for stacking).

The Solid Gold Ring Stack

Shop the look: 14k Gold Zodiac Ring, Solid Gold Textured Diamond Band, Solid Gold Simple Pave Diamond Band

Nothing says luxury like a solid gold stack. Since solid gold can be worn all day every day, we like to keep it dainty with our fine jewelry rings which creates a stack so comfortable you really won’t ever have to take it off. We recommend adding at least one diamond piece for that necessary touch of sparkle, and adding a personalized piece like this zodiac ring makes your splurge extra special.

Ready to build your dream stack? Browse our ring collection and start adding those babies to cart. And don’t forget to tag us on IG when they arrive! Ring stack inspo is our love language.

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