Five Rings That Will Last a Lifetime Without Breaking the Bank

If there's one thing that remains true about fine jewelry, it's that there's still a stigma surrounding it. When most people think of precious stones or solid gold, they assume that a hefty price tag must come with it. 

However, with more efficient ways to craft jewels than ever and an abundance of talented, independent designers doing just that, this couldn't be further from the truth. Below, we've rounded up our five current favorite fine jewelry rings. 

Whether you're eyeing your dream engagement ring or just looking for an investment piece that'll last every penny, these options are all under $500 and sure to be contenders. 

Liesel Love Green Creek Emerald Ring, $414.00

Liesel Love Asymmetrical Marquise Diamond Ring, $246.00

LUMO Grace Opal & Diamond Ring, $330.00

La Kaiser 14K Gold Diamond Sunrise Ring, $315.00

Charlie and Marcelle Australian Opal Ring with Diamonds, $485.00

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