Sapphires for September

If there's one reason we love sapphires, it's for their undeniable sparkle, resonating across a plethora of varying hues. Most famously worn as an engagement ring by Princess Di, sapphires are a stone that have long been associated with romance and royalty. 

Worn historically as a relic to provide guidance, it's only appropriate that sapphires are deemed the official September birthstone, a time so often associated with change. 

Read on for a few of our favorite pieces this oncoming autumn season. 

Tarin Thomas White Sapphire Devin Ring, $168.00 

Tarin Thomas Rose Gold & White Sapphire Reagan Ring, $298.00

Charlie and Marcelle Fairy Princess Ring with Opal, Sapphires & Diamond, $475.00

Melanie Casey Daybreak Ring with Pink Sapphire, $490.00

Melanie Casey Mini Cluster Ring with Diamond, Moonstone, Sapphire & Pearl, $510.00

Sofia Zakia Constellation Ring, $550.00

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