Spring/Summer '21 Trend Report

The people have spoken (and by the people we mean fashion week).  New Spring/Summer 2021 trends are here and they’re heavy on the jewelry.  From barely there but extra shimmery solid gold to bright and bold beaded styles, we’re breaking down this season’s biggest trends and showing you how to wear them.

90’s Revival

Once you get over the shock that the 90’s were so long ago they can be considered a vintage era, it’s time to play around with this throwback trend.  We’re obsessing over nostalgic styles like these yin yang rings, sweet little fruit studs, and chokers with charms.  Pair any of these cuties with your favorite pair of cheeky mom jeans and a ribbed crop top and you’re on your way to looking like an off duty supermodel.

Bold and Beaded

Beaded is back in a big way, and we’re here for every iteration of this trend.  From 5” statement earrings to Swarovski studded bracelets and small but bright chokers, there’s something about beaded jewelry that combines a kitschy youthful energy with high fashion to create the most unique statement.  Beaded styles have that high/low dichotomy mixing expert craftsmanship with fun and free designs, and we love pairing them with simple, clean looks to create the perfect juxtaposition that really makes these styles pop.

Chunky Hoops

Move over barely there huggies, chunky hoops are going to be everywhere this season and we couldn’t be happier about it.  This staple style goes with EVERYTHING which is why it’s our personal favorite, and there are so many variations from big and bold to small and, well, still bold.  And we couldn't’ talk about chunky hoops without calling out stone studded styles like these diamond beauties and this celestial inspired pair.  Pro tip: layer on multiple pairs in different sizes for an ultra on trend look.

21st Century Pearls

Let go of your antiquated assumptions about pearls.  This glowing gem is back in style in the most modern way.  Think organic shapes and unexpected updates like this choker that features a chic flower toggle closure.  To make your look extra on trend, layer up multiple pearl studded styles.  We personally love to pair a simple pearl stud with an organic pearl hoop, and don’t forget to add a pearl pendant for good measure.

Simple Gold Styles

Back to basics.  Simple solid gold silhouettes are everywhere right now, and the best thing about this trend is that these timeless pieces won’t go out of style next year, or ever, really.  It’s all about layering on lots of low key styles, like this pre-layered necklace (say goodbye to tangled chains) and this ultra dainty diamond chain ring.  These delicate flashes of solid gold feel ultra luxe but effortless, like you rolled out of bed looking this perfectly styled.

Find more of our newest on trend styles in the New Finds collection!  We’ll be browsing as we snack on our favorite 90’s foods (someone pass the fruit roll ups).

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