The 3 Most Winter-Friendly Jewelry Styles

In the winter, especially in extra dreary cities, avoiding the snooze button each morning can already feel like a daunting task. By the time you're dressed and ready for the day, throwing on accessories can seem like an afterthought. 

Even when you do, untangling chains from scarves and snagging rings in sweaters can easily deter one from accessorizing all season long. Luckily, we've rounded up the three most winter-friendly jewelry styles to get you excited about your jewels again (and avoid future fashion mishaps). Read on for more.  


Stud Earrings

While statement hoops are back and bigger than ever, you'll want to avoid the accidental graze of cold metal against your face this winter. With a variety of shape and stone options, studs are a classic staple that's far from boring. 

La Kaiser Opal Starburst Studs, $62.00


Tai Jewelry Circle Opal Dot Earrings, $35.00

Liesel Love 14K Tiny Diamond Studs, $122.00

Lariats & Locket Necklaces

Most can agree that chokers are most suited for summer, and regular pendants often can't fit around the excess fabric of turtlenecks. Often designed with longer, looser chains, lariats and lockets are the perfect accessories to dress up knits in the winter. 

 Amarilo Jewelry Heart Locket, $154.00

Leah Alexandra Star & Moon Locket Necklace, $195.00

Lover's Tempo Deja Vu Necklace in Black, $60.00

Simple Bands & Signet Rings

If you've ever snagged a ring on your favorite sweater, then you'll know that the pain felt is twofold. To protect both your jewels and your knits, opt for flatter, simpler bands or signets during the winter. You can even stack them for a bolder statement look. 

Liesel Love 14K Half Black Half White Diamond Band, $340.00

La Kaiser 14K Gold Fill Eternity Band, $48.00

Merewif Eliot Signet Ring, $85.00


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