The Deep Meanings Behind Our Favorite Nature & Wildlife Symbols

the meanings behind nature and wildlife symbols
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We're getting back to nature with some of our favorite nature and wildlife inspired jewels. But these pieces aren't just pretty; each symbol has a deep meaning associated with it. Read on to learn all about the meanings behind our favorite nature and wildlife symbols.

the meaning and symbolism of dragonflies

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The Meaning Behind Dragonflies

Dragonflies remind us to live in the moment, and we'll always cheers to that. Did you know that dragonflies can only fly for a small portion of their lives? Because of this, dragonflies are a symbol of being fully present and enjoying the good things while they happen, no matter how short lived they may be. These powerful insects can also fly fast in all directions (forwards, backwards, diagonally, you get the picture) and can change their direction in an instant. This makes them a symbol of adaptability and being able to pivot at any moment while maintaining composure. Wear the dragonfly symbol when you want to remind yourself to be present and have gratitude for the good things and to give you the strength to adapt in adverse situations.

the meaning and symbolism of snakes
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The Meaning Behind Snakes

It's time to overcome that fear of snakes because it turns out these slithering creatures have the most beautiful meaning. First and foremost, snakes represent change, transformation, and rebirth because of their ability to shed their skin and start fresh. Historically, snakes have also been associated with knowledge: a connection that comes from their venom. In ancient cultures, since snakes had the ability to effect humans and nature with their venom (sometimes used as medicine and other times used to kill), they were seen as all knowing and wise for their for their power over life and death. Wear the snake symbol when you want to manifest change or as a reminder that anyone at any time can transform into their best self.

the meaning and symbolism of mushrooms

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The Meaning Behind Mushrooms

Who knew a little fungi could hold so much meaning? For years, mushrooms have been a symbol of magic and whimsy, often depicted in fairytales and folklore (which is most likely linked to certain mushrooms' ability to cause hallucinations). But their symbolism goes deeper than that. In many cultures, mushrooms actually symbolize luck, and because of their ability to grow rapidly in many different environments, mushrooms represent the connection between all things in nature. Wear the mushroom symbol when you want invite magic and luck into your life and to feel more connected to nature. 

the meaning and symbolism of elephants

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The Meaning Behind Elephants

This one you might remember from childhood: elephants represent good memory, as proven by the popular idiom "an elephant never forgets." Drawing on this same saying, in many cultures elephants represent wisdom and intelligence. Given their size, elephants are also symbols of strength and power balanced by a gentle demeanor. Wear the elephant symbol when you want to draw upon your own wisdom or help find the perfect balance between strength and softness.

the meaning and symbolism of butterflies

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The Meaning Behind Butterflies

We love a good butterfly, and not just because they're cute. These special creatures represent positive change, optimism, and hope because of their ability to transform from fuzzy caterpillars to beautiful butterflies. Butterflies remind us that we can become anything we want to be and look beautiful while doing it. These light and graceful insects also represent lightheartedness and the joy in life. Wear the butterfly symbol to represent the beauty and possibility in transformation and to manifest positivity and joy.

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