The Design Inspiration Behind Carrie Elizabeth's New Collection

There’s no question as to why Carrie Elizabeth has been a long time best seller at Local Eclectic.  Her celestial inspired jewels hold a magical energy that’s undeniable, no doubt arising from the intention she puts into all of her pieces.  Carrie designs jewelry with meaning in mind, choosing stones and symbols that will help the wearer feel strong, confident, and connected to their powerful energy within.  Read on to learn more about the design inspiration behind some of Carrie’s favorite pieces in her brand new Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

Shop the look: Venus Star Necklace

The Universe and everything the night sky holds has always been a source of amazement for me and so I love designing beautiful celestial pieces that hold deeper meanings. Jewellery to me is so much more than just beauty – I love that it can hold personal, sentimental value and meaning and helps to give you comfort & direction every time you wear it. I love using stars as a symbol of guidance and direction. They are a tangible piece that the wearer can hold onto and remember all the inner strength they hold within themselves. The beautiful white topaz centre of the Venus star necklace was designed to depict the brilliance and beauty of each star. I love styling this statement star with shorter celestial pieces for a gorgeous layered look.

Shop the look: Labradorite & Diamond Kite Ring

Gemstones continue to hold an important place in my heart (& our collection). I will always be drawn to my forever favourites labradorite & moonstone. Not only for their beauty but also their deeper meaning. I love that labradorite is a stone of transformation – it is the perfect partner when you are going through change in your life and can help support you on your journey. Our new labradorite & diamond kite ring is a personal favourite of mine as the striking art deco lines of the faceted kite stone are made even more magical by the mesmerising labradorite stone which flashes vibrant shades of stunning peacock blues & coppery greens set within gorgeous white diamonds. 

Shop the look: Georgia Green Amethyst & White Topaz Ring

I’m always heavily inspired by vintage and love having these influences through the collection. Vintage hunting is a personal passion of mine and I love nothing more than hunting through London’s antique markets and stores looking for my latest treasure! The Georgia Ring was inspired by my love of stunning vintage rings, I absolutely love the beauty and effortless glamour of pieces from eras gone by. This beautiful ring is a statement piece that can be worn on its own or stacked with my other favourite pieces for a gorgeously curated hand. The soft green amethyst colour makes this ring easy to pair with any outfit and the dazzling white topaz add that much needed sparkle that we all love!

Swooning over these meaningful jewels? How could you not? Discover the entire collection of vintage inspired styles full of celestial symbolism.

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