The Design Inspiration Behind Girls Crew's Summer '21 Jewelry Collection

Girls Crew is an OG Local Eclectic jewelry line, and with designer Jina Chang's unique and fun aesthetic, it's no surprise that her styles are some of our most loved.

Jina's designs combine 90's nostalgia with "cutest I've ever seen" energy, all while keeping the pieces super wearable. We talked with Jina about the design inspiration behind her Summer '21 collection full of fun fruits, cute sea creatures, and celestial staples.

Dino-Mite Stud Set

fun and unique dinosaur colorful stud earrings

Shop the look: Dino-mite Stud Set

Dinosaurs have always been a point of interest for me. It was one of my favorite topics to learn about in school and I was absolutely obsessed with the entire Jurassic Park movie series. This fascination hasn’t stopped in my adult life! I knew that I wanted to pay homage to my younger self in some way through Girls Crew, the Dino-mite Stud Set felt like the perfect way for me to do that.

In Love Ring

pink purple and blue heart ring

Shop the look: In Love Ring

If you take a look at my products, you’ll notice that the majority will contain stones with solid colors. As much as I love my colorful stones, I wanted to try something different. The In Love Ring was my first time experimenting with multi-colored, gradient stones. The stone itself came out to be such a fun, beautiful mix of colors that I wanted the design to be just as exciting. The heart and celestial design combination is definitely a favorite of mine.

Blue Blossom Love Ring

dainty unique flower ring

Shop the look: Blue Blossom Love Ring

The Blue Blossom Love Ring is inspired by one of my favorite flowers, the Blue Blossom. I wanted this ring to capture the delicateness and beautiful milky blue color from the flower. I am so happy with how this ring turned out and know that you will be too! It’s been one of our best sellers.

Cutie Crab Studs

cute crab stud earrings

Shop the look: Cutie Crab Studs

Hey, cutie! Meet Cutie Crab. Inspired by my favorite under-the-sea movie, this stud set is sure to turn any crabby moment into a happy one! Sebastian was, and will always be one of my favorite childhood movie side-kicks. I wanted to pull his vibrant, red, and lively sea creature-self from the movie screens to real life in the form of some studs. I think that the Cutie Crab Studs did just that! 

Sparkling Seahorse Studs

cute unique seahorse studs
Shop the look: Sparkling Seahorse Studs

This may just be one of my favorites. I think that seahorses are so cute and to have been able to translate their likeness into our stud was so much fun! From the pink and purple color to the arrangement of the stones, I think that this stud set is absolutely to die for and will be sure to add some extra cuteness to your ear!

Super Starfish Studs

cute and unique starfish stud earrings

Shop the look: Super Starfish Studs

I wanted to create a fun, eye-catching piece that could be used for any occasion. The Super Starfish Studs are a subtle enough design that will definitely appeal to those who appreciate a bit more minimalism and less flash. But, the boldness of the deep red tone from the stone is something that will offer a bit of that somethin’ somethin’ that our customers look for when shopping for our jewelry. 

So Jelly Studs

unique jellyfish stud earrings

Shop the look: So Jelly Studs

What could possibly be cuter than our So Jelly Studs!? Wanting to capture the delicacy of the jellyfish, I opted for a soft baby pink stone during the design process. I absolutely love how this set came out! From the little jelly tentacles to the shine of the stone, everything is a dream come true! The flower nesting on top of the jellyfish also adds the perfect girly touch!

Are you obsessed yet? Because we definitely are. Discover even more unique and fun styles in the Girls Crew collection.

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