The Design Inspiration Behind La Kaiser's Brand New Collection

colorful yellow gold statement rings

The perfect mix of classic and unique with a subtle touch of whimsy, La Kaiser designer Cindy Kaiser has been creating fairytale worthy jewels since 2013.

Her newest Summer 2021 collection features her signature style of bold gems in unique settings. We spoke with Cindy about the overall inspiration behind her collection, plus the thought process behind some of her favorite styles in the launch. 

unique cocktail rings with topaz and opal on a finger
Shop the look: Opal Fae Ring, 10kt Topaz Cascading Dream Ring, Rainbow Moonstone Daydreamer Ring, White Topaz Fantasia Ring

Our Summer 2021 collection draws a lot of parallels from our Fall 2020 collection. I specifically wanted to focus on incorporating elements from our current best selling  pieces and utilize those elements within our new collection pieces. I wanted to maintain the overall theme of simplicity and color but emphasize the ability to stack, layer, and mix and match. The realization that a lot of our customers were more interested in solid gold over vermeil led us to create a larger range of solid gold pieces that remain affordable but durable enough to stand the test of time! Our favorite gemstones, primarily opals, rainbow moonstones and diamonds, are used throughout this new collection once again.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mother of Pearl Signet Ring

mother of pearl yellow gold rainbow signet rings on a hand

Shop the look: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mother of Pearl Signet Ring

Sentiment and nostalgia were the source of inspiration for this specific ring. I wanted to design a piece that would evoke memories and feelings of happiness, childhood, and optimism. A rainbow is something so magical and has always held a sense of hope with the idea that maybe a pot of gold exists at the end. Life inevitably has its ups and downs and having a little reminder to always look on the brighter side was the reason for the design of this ring. Incorporating mother of pearl shell as the backdrop for the rainbow was inspired by the tranquil and calming effect that a soft white pearl color brings to the design table.

10kt Opal & Diamond Lady Arc Ring

opal and diamond solid gold stacking rings on a hand

Shop the look: 10kt Opal & Diamond Lady Arc Ring

This piece was inspired by our love for opals and diamonds. Since starting La Kaiser, our 2 most frequently used and favorite gemstones, opals and diamonds, have been a winning combination for us. I wanted to create a simple arc ring that would stack easily with other rings. Using marquise cut opals always seems to bring a unique element to designs and I was initially inspired by one of our oldest  ring designs that utilized only marquise cut opals in a fan shape. I wanted to create something similar, but a little more basic in design and more versatile by using smaller cut opals and a less broad center arc.

10kt Topaz Whimsical Dream Ring

topaz yellow gold statement cocktail ring on a finger

Shop the look: 10kt Topaz Whimsical Dream Ring

The inspiration behind this piece came from the desire to create a ring that was striking in design yet simple and clean cut. I wanted to design a ring that maintained a certain "wow" factor, but at the same time could be worn on a day to day basis without being too over the top. To achieve this, I used a large marquise cut white topaz as the center stone surrounded by tiny 2mm faceted white topaz stones. This piece was designed to create a feeling of glamour for everyday wear.

10kt Topaz & Diamond Aphrodite Shield Pendant Necklace

topaz and diamond solid gold dainty pendant necklaces in a hand

Shop the look: 10kt Topaz & Diamond Aphrodite Shield Pendant Necklace

Our new Aphrodite Shield Pendant was inspired by our top selling solid gold ring in 2020.. the 14kt Gold Topaz & Diamond Aphrodite Shield Ring! The pendant is designed to remain simple in essence yet create a subtle statement when worn solo. Utilizing only clear cut stones and symmetry was intentional in creating a simple design that embodies the idea of serenity.

You can shop the brand new La Kaiser collection now to find your very own fairytale jewelry piece!

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