The Design Inspiration Behind Studio Grun's Bohemian Jewelry

Studio Grun Bohemian Gold Jewelry
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When we saw the unique and meaningful pieces in the latest Studio Grun jewelry collection, we knew we had to talk with designer Tanya Gruenber about the stories behind her magical jewels. Read on to learn more about Tanya and the design inspiration behind some of her favorite pieces.

About Studio Grun

Miami native Tanya Gruenber was inspired to create a jewelry line of distinctive, high quality pieces from recycled metals and natural gemstones. With a background in industrial design from Parsons School of Design, Tanya discovered her passion for jewelry making during her studies involving 3D printing, when she began fashioning her own pieces out of scrap metal. Over time, Tanya began selling these pieces at local craft markets around Miami, and Studio Grun was born. Studio Grun continues to craft minimal feminine and subtly playful jewelry that embodies Gruenber’s adventurous spirit.

The Under the Stars Ring

Under the Stars Gold Celestial Ring

Shop the look: Under the Stars Ring in Aqua Chalcedony

This is one of Studio Grun’s best selling styles, which features a beautiful Chalcedony stone and is held by prongs in the shape of stars. This ring was inspired by nostalgic nights camping in the remote wilderness, laying on the grass under the stars without a worry in the world.

The Mountain Signet Ring

Mountain Gold Signet Ring

Shop the look: Mountain Signet Ring

“The Mountains are calling, and I must go.” This piece was inspired by a trip in 2018. A friend and I rented a 1986 Volkswagen Westfalia Automatic camper, and drove through Washington state and southwest Canada. We drove through some of the most gorgeous and scenic places I have ever seen. I have a huge love for the mountains, and one of the activities that featured prominently in our trip was rock climbing. These mountains were the backbone of this experience.

The Sidewinder Necklace

Sidewinder Snake Necklace

Shop the look: Sidewinder Necklace in Black Spinel

Strength and protection were the source of inspiration for this pendant. 2020 was a hard year for us all, and I wanted a piece that was optimistic and strong. A snake represents rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing – This seemed too relevant, and I felt it was something that was topical and would resonate with nearly everyone. 

The Luna Signet Ring

Luna Moonstone Gold Signet Ring

Shop the look: Luna Signet Ring in Rainbow Moonstone & Black Spinel

This special piece is inspired by my fascination with outer space and our galaxy. A large cabochon rainbow moonstone, held by stars, reminds us of the cosmos. There is a star silhouette on each side of the stone, holding a beautiful faceted black spinel. This ring is a reminder that we are amongst the stars, and that even though we may just be specks in an infinite universe, we are all in this together.

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