The Five Earring Styles That Will Keep You on Trend for Spring

The ideal trend-driven piece is something you'd want to outlast a single season; however, as we all know, finding trendy pieces of that caliber is no easy task.

Throwing items out because they aren't your style (or never were) and the shame that comes along with it, is far from ideal.

Buying pieces that keep you up to date, but withstand the ebb and flow of trends, is the key to being a smart shopper.

Read on for the five timeless earring styles that will keep you on trend for Spring / Summer 2018. 

Words by Zakiya Anyanwu

1. The Pearl Accent

Wolf Circus Calder Pearl Earrings, $98.00

The Calder Pearl Earrings are extremely elegant, yet not at all boring. These are the perfect earrings for anyone wanting to own a classic piece of jewelry that won't break the bank. 

2. The Updated Hoop

Laura Lombardi Curve Earrings, $98.00

The Curve Earrings have been seen on every cool girl on Instagram, and for good reason -- they're a great take on a classic piece that still remains versatile enough for everyday wear. 

3. The Statement Silhouette

Shashi Sunny Earrings in Gold, $62.00

The Sunny Earrings in Gold are an elegant yet playful pair of statement earrings, making them perfect for a night out. 

4. The Sculptural Earring

Merewif Henri Earrings, $175.00

The Henri Earrings are inspired by Matisse and are not only an amazing addition to your jewelry collection, but an easy way to dress up any daily outfit. 

5. The Playful Print

Machete Isla Side Hoop Earrings in Taupe Shell, $38.00 

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