The Jewelry Checklist for Brides

Congratulations - you or someone you know is getting married! Our favorite occasion to celebrate, and the absolute perfect excuse to splurge on gorgeous jewelry! Why not? We'll cover the basics, and then a few extras you might need.

unique wedding bands


1. The Wedding Band

We all know the most important piece of jewelry is the ring, but second best is picking out your wedding band! We recommend getting the band at least 8 weeks prior to the big day - in case you need to resize! Whether you're looking for something minimal and elegant, or bold and diamond encrusted, we've got you covered. Shop our collection of unique solid gold wedding rings.


2. Bridesmaid Gifts

Don't forget your girls! The perfect time to say thank you for being a friend, hosting the ultimate bachelorette party, and taking all of those sisterhood secrets to the grave. Shop our curated collection of gifts for your bridesmaids!

boho wedding accessories

3. Day-of Jewelry

Whether you're a more traditional bride, or doing things your own way, you'll need some jewels to accessorize that gorgeous dress! Go bold after the ceremony and change into a glam statement earring for the reception!

Some ideas to get your started:


4. A Gorgeous Ring Box

Not all wedding rings come with a gorgeous box, you'll want something chic to have the rings photographed in. Our velvet ring boxes are the perfect accessory, for your new favorite accessory.

Protect and store your rings in our fancy velvet ring box, a classic design, with tons of modern colors choices. (Still needing that something blue?)


Break a leg brides! Sending all our love and well wishes on your special day. xo

Tag us so we can see how you're wearing your Local Eclectic jewels: #LocalEclectic and email with any questions.

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