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The Lover's Gift Guide to Valentine's Day

Whether you've yet to celebrate your one year anniversary or already have multiple years under your belt, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to get your loved one something special. 

Jewelry can often seem like the obvious choice, but the real trick is locating pieces that possess a unique quality without compromising their timelessness. 

We've rounded up some of our favorites to make the shopping process that much easier. Want even more options? Shop our full Valentine's Day Gift Guide. 


La Kaiser 14K Gold Solo Diamond Ring, $129.00

Amarilo Jewelry Heart Locket, $154.00

Lust and Luster Rose Gold & Morganite Love Ring, $78.00

Aletheia & Phos I Carry Your Heart Necklace $225.00

Lust and Luster Opal Promise Ring, $56.00

Carrie Elizabeth Jewelry Moonstone & Diamond Hexagon Pendant Necklace, $194.00

Melanie Casey Diamond Heart Ring, $228.00

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