The Meaning Behind Every Birthstone

slid gold birthstone rings on a hand for every month

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There’s a reason we love birthstone jewelry. This trend dates all the way back to the 16th century, and there’s no better way to represent yourself and all your loved ones (or even just your favorite colors and gemstones!).

Plus, did you know that it’s considered a powerful good luck charm to wear your own birthstone? Sign us up for all the lucky amulets. You probably know your birthstone by now, but do you know what it symbolizes? Read on for the meaning behind every birthstone.

garnet January solid gold birthstone ring

January: Garnet

Self Confidence · Sincerity · Passion

Across cultures, red symbolizes fire and boldness, so it's no wonder that January's rich, deep red birthstone represent self confidence and passion. Gorgeous garnet also aids in sincerity and speaking your truth. 

amethyst February solid gold birthstone ring

February: Amethyst

Calmness · Harmony · Balance

February calls cool, calming amethyst its birthstone. As one of the most widely popular metaphysical crystals, amethyst aids in calming the senses, balancing hormones, and creating a sense of harmony in all aspects of life.

aquamarine March solid gold birthstone ring

March: Aquamarine

Happiness · Water · Wellness

Aquamarine is the sea blue birthstone for March, and this gem has historically been associated with water and the flowing nature of life. This detoxifying crystal also represents happiness and wellness, and is believed to aid in releasing negative energy.

white sapphire April solid gold birthstone ring

April: White Sapphire

Wisdom · Communication · Accessing Talent

The stone of wisdom, transparent white sapphire aids in communication for the lucky April babies who call it their own. This stone is also believed to help the wearer access their innate talents to share with the world.

green chalcedony May solid gold birthstone ring

May: Emerald

Vitality · Success · Growth

Bright green emerald is the birthstone for those born in May who are energized and full of life. This stone's color represents spring in all of its blooming glory, and it's believed that emerald has metaphysical properties that help the wearer grow and succeed.

alexandrite June solid gold birthstone ring

June: Alexandrite

Luck · Fortune · Love

Lucky June babies have color shifting alexandrite as their birthstone, a unique gem that flashes shades of blue, purple, and sometimes even pink in the light! This crystal represents healthy love, and is said to bring luck and fortune to the wearer, which is a great reason to wear this stone even if you weren't born in June!

ruby July solid gold birthstone ring

July: Ruby

Passion · Honor · Creativity

Pinkish-red rubies also represent passion, a perfect match for July's hot and steamy weather. This gem has been popular for centuries and has long been associated with loyalty and honor. Bright and bold rubies are also believed to help spark creativity in the wearer.

peridot August solid gold birthstone ring

August: Peridot

Abundance · Compassion · Peace

Earthy green peridot is the birthstone for August. This gem, with its organic green color that reminiscent of plants and harvesting, represents abundance and growth. Pretty peridot is also believed to hold energy that promotes peace and makes the wearer more compassionate.

blue sapphire September solid gold birthstone ring

September: Blue Sapphire

Serenity · Optimism · Intuition

Serene sapphires are the birthstone for September, with their true blue hue that gives off the energy of ocean depths. This gem aids in optimism, helping the wearer look on the bright side, and also helps tap into your own psychic intuition.

opal October solid gold birthstone ring

October: Opal

Creativity · Hope · Truth

Fiery opal sparks creativity in those born in October. This unique gem feels like pure magic, and metaphysical properties of this crystal include removing shadowy and false energy to reveal the true nature of things so that the wearer can see what's real, creating a new sense of hope.

citrine November solid gold birthstone ring

November: Citrine

Joy · Energy · Abundance

November has bright, sunny citrine as its birthstone, and this yellow gem gives off radiance and joy. Linked to the sun which nourishes all living things, citrine is believed to bring abundance into your life and the energy of the sun itself.

tanzanite December solid gold birthstone ring

December: Tanzanite

Youthfulness · Potential · Empathy

Tanzanite is the stunning blue birthstone for December, and this gem sparks a feeling of youthfulness in the wearer. This young and free energy helps people into their innate potential and also aids their sense of empathy.

Choose your new piece of birthstone jewelry and get ready for all the good luck!

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