The Myths and Meaning Behind Emeralds

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May’s birthstone is emerald, and has there ever been a more coveted gem?  Throughout history, emeralds have been idolized by rulers (Cleopatra most famously) and regarded as one of the most beautiful stones on earth.  But their meaning and symbolism doesn’t stop at their infamous connection to Egyptian royalty.  Read on to learn all about rich the history, myths, and meaning of emeralds.

What is the History of Emeralds?

Emeralds have been around for thousands of years, so it’s no wonder this gem is rich in history and myths.  Love for emeralds is so old that they’re even mentioned in the Prisse Papyrus, an Egyptian scroll regarded as the oldest book in the world.  Emeralds were a favorite gem in ancient Egypt, often worn by royalty and the elite, and famously regarded as Cleopatra’s favorite gem.  Cleopatra would often wear emeralds and give them as gifts to people she wished to reward, and the Egyptian emerald mine was named after her.

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What are Myths About Emeralds?

Myths about emeralds are vast and varied, linking this gem to many different powers over thousands of years.  Likely tied to their bright green color that’s reminiscent of spring, the ancient Egyptians believed emeralds were linked to fertility and could aid in childbirth.  Emeralds were also believed to enhance psychic abilities and could help the wearer tell the future.  Also tied to truth and communication, it was believed that emeralds could help reveal whether someone was being truthful or lying and could make the wearer more well spoken.  This bright green gem has also been associated with luck throughout history, often worn as a talisman while traveling to protect the wearer from misfortune.

What is the Meaning of Emeralds?

Because of their famous relation to Cleopatra, emeralds have always symbolized royalty.  Their bright green color has made emeralds synonymous with spring, youth, rebirth, and renewal, linking them to optimism and hope.  Because of its rich, cool toned color, emeralds are believed to have soothing and calming properties.  Emeralds are also associated with love, but as opposed to rubies that represent passion and lust, the calming energy of emeralds is linked to mature and enduring relationships.

Wear Emeralds When: 

  • You want to feel like the queen that you are
  • You want to promote optimism
  • You need calming and stable energy
  • You want to feel the energy of spring

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