The Myths and Meaning Behind Moonstones

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Moonstones are a Local Eclectic favorite, and for good reason. They have an ethereal glow that's unmatched by any other gem.  Read on to learn all about the meaning, metaphysical properties, and ancient myths behind this mystical and magical gemstone.

What is a Moonstone?

Moonstone is a mineral of the feldspar variety.  When moonstone is created, two minerals called orthoclase and albite are combined in alternating layers. When light hits in between these layers, the light scatters and reflects creating that moonstone glow we know and love!  The scientific name for this otherworldly glow is “adularescence,” defined as a “metallic iridescence.”

What Are Myths About Moonstones?

Moonstones have a rich mythology dating back thousands of years, and with a stone this unique and magical, there’s no wonder why.  Moonstone gets its name from its iridescent appearance which mimics the glow of the moon, the ancient Romans even believing that it was created directly from drops of moonlight.  This association to the moon created a link between moonstones and the moon’s other meanings including love and romance, lending to the Roman myth that two people who wore moonstones would fall madly in love when the moon was shining high at night.  A similar Hindu legend states that moonstones come from moonbeams, and that on the night of a full moon placing a moonstone in your mouth would allow you to see the future.  Another common legend calls moonstone the “traveler’s stone,” a name originating from the belief that wearing moonstone will protect a traveller from harm and misfortune on their journey.

What is the Meaning of Moonstone?

The modern day meaning of moonstone is still tied heavily to its ancient association with the moon, making it a gem that represents intuition, emotion, femininity, and tranquility.  Moonstone is said to aid in empathy and enhance the wearer’s intuition and can also help to calm the senses and balance emotion, particularly if you’re feeling stressed about life changes.  Like the cyclical nature of the moon, moonstone reminds us that life is all about the ebb and flow, helping us welcome inevitable change with open arms and reminding us that nothing lasts forever. 

Wear moonstones when:

  • You need more emotional balance
  • You’re coming to terms with a life change
  • You want to tap into your intuition
  • You want to embrace your femininity

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