The New Exclusive with Tai Jewelry

When Tai Rittichai launched Tai Jewelry in 2012, it was to fill the void of high-quality fashion jewelry. Five years later, her line still devotes the same attention to detail as the day she first started. It was this subtle feminity and simplicity in design that lead us to a partnership, creating an exclusive stacking ring set made for the modern woman. Read on to learn more about the designer's inspiration and process. 

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What inspired this design? 

It was important for me to create something current, yet not over the top trendy. I wanted the rings to be soft, feminine, and versatile. Something that could be worn together, or broken down and worn with other jewelry. I wanted to add just enough sparkle to make her feel pretty but excited to wear the set every day!

Can you speak on your personal process when designing a piece of jewelry? 

I travel for work all the time and I love seeing how women dress and accessorize all over the world. I am also an interior design junkie and love collecting antiques along my travels. This mix of observing and admiring the new and the treasured inspires my designs. 

Aside from aesthetics, I am very committed to delivering the best quality in fashion jewelry. It is a necessity that all my designs come out looking like "the real thing," that my girl will be proud and excited to wear it, and that it will stand the test of time. 

How do you balance your own aesthetic with another brand's vision when creating an exclusive piece? 

When creating exclusives for another brand, I first and foremost have to completely understand their woman's identity. What are her interests, what kind of lifestyle does she lead, and what are her aspirations? Then, I sprinkle my signature femininity on it. 

You incorporate opals into a lot of your work. What is the significance of opals to you and why do you like working with this stone so much? 

I find opals to be hypnotizing and magical. At the same time, they are so colorful, yet completely neutral... a blast of rainbow color, yet completely wearable. 

What attracts you most to the "Local Eclectic girl"?

She is confident and adventurous with an edge and dances to the beat of her own drum.

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