The Number One Reason You Should Propose with a Fine Jewelry Engagement Ring

As unique engagement rings continue to grow more popular amongst modern brides, the search for the perfect engagement ring has become more difficult than ever. This has inevitably lead to the purchasing of gold plated or gold vermeil rings (i.e. fashion jewelry) in lieu of more expensive pieces. 

While fashion jewelry can seem appealing, often available in bolder designs than traditional engagement rings, one should always opt to propose with a fine jewelry engagement ring. It is, put simply, the only form of jewelry that can truly withstand the wear anticipated of engagement rings. 

Fashion jewelry, encompassing any piece not made of solid gold, requires far more care and precaution to ensure lasting wear. Those pieces should always be removed before doing household chores, showering, working out, or sleeping. Fine jewelry, on the other hand, requires no such effort. 

To ensure that your engagement ring can truly last a lifetime, opting for fine jewelry is the best option for doing so.

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