The Story Behind Carried Jewels

Introducing Carried Jewels, our first exclusive line of engagement and ceremony rings crafted in recycled 14k yellow gold with sustainable lab created diamonds.

In honor of this exciting launch, we spoke with the brains behind Carried Jewels, Local Eclectic founder + CEO Alexis Nido-Russo, to learn more about the inspiration behind the collection. Read on to discover the Carried Jewels story in Alexis' own words.

The Story Behind Carried Jewels Engagement Rings
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Carried Jewels is our new line of engagement, wedding and ceremony jewelry that is near and dear to my heart. The name comes from an E.E. Cummings poem that was read at my wedding that starts with, carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart). It's one my favorite poems and to me, this poem is the embodiment of love. When we were dreaming up the idea of Carried Jewels, this poem was a source of inspiration. This is a line of jewelry that is meant to represent love, whether it's between you and your partner or to yourself. Love have many forms and this collection is a celebration of that!

sustainable lab grown diamond engagement rings with recycled gold

Shop the look: Carried Jewels Engagement Rings

We wanted to create classic styles that felt vintage inspired, timeless and modern. And like everything we create, we worked hard to develop unique designs, using the highest quality materials while maintaining really sharp prices. The line is made with the highest quality sustainable materials; for this first collection we used all lab grown diamonds and recycled 14k yellow gold.

sustainable lab created diamond engagement rings

Shop the look: 14k Round Cut Diamond Trio Engagement Ring with Pave Diamond Band

Diamonds that are created in a lab have the exact chemical makeup of mined diamonds and to the naked eye, they look exactly the same as a natural mined diamond. Chemically, physically and visually, they are the same BUT they are about half the cost of natural diamonds which is why we love them for this line. All of our diamonds over .3 carrots are certified and they have the same hardness and durability as a mined diamond. These are the most sparkly and stunning jewels and they don't cost the down payment of house because we believe fine jewelry should be accessible.

We're so excited to introduce Carried Jewels! You can shop the entire collection of sustainable engagement and ceremony rings now!

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