The Zodiac Gift Guide

Need a little inspiration this gifting season?  Let the stars be your guide.  We’re bringing you the perfect gift for each zodiac sign.

Aries | Isla Opal Hoop Earrings

Bold and confident, the Aries in your life isn’t afraid to stand out and speak their mind which means a statement piece is their perfect gift. The Isla Opal Hoop Earrings have fiery opals to represent this fire sign’s vibrant nature.

Taurus |  Solid Gold Emerald Huggie Hoops

Lovers of luxury but still down to earth, your favorite Taurus will appreciate these lavish solid gold emerald huggies. Grassy green emeralds are an ode to this earth sign and just so happen to be Taurus’ lucky stone.

Gemini | Statement Oyster Turquoise Ring

Some might call it indecisive, but a Gemini calls in weighing all available options.  Intellectual Geminis don’t believe in choosing just one of anything, so the various swirling colors in the Statement Oyster Turquoise Ring will satisfy their need for options.

Cancer | Mini Moon Opal Stud Earrings

Ruled by the moon, a sentimental Cancer’s maternal instincts will have them focussed on everyone else around the holidays, so get them the Mini Opal Stud Earrings as a true representation of who they are and a reminder to pay attention to themselves every once in a while.

Leo | Solid Gold Chunky Huggie Hoops

All gold everything is the motto for sun-ruled Leos, and these Solid Gold Chunky Huggie hoops gleam in the light to mimic their bright and sunny disposition (plus this perfect pair will give you a chance of rivaling the trademark generosity of your favorite Leo this holiday season).

Virgo | 2mm Mini Opal Hoop Earrings

Simple and straightforward, but never boring.  The classic design of the 2mm Mini Opal Hoop Earrings plays to Virgo’s practicality while the bright and colorful opal inlay will remind them to indulge their creative side.

Libra | Solid Gold Shell & Pearl Charm

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libras will love this Solid Gold Shell & Pearl Charm which is reminiscent of the classic painting “The Birth of Venus.”  The daintiest pearl fits into a solid gold shell in perfect harmony, playing on Libra’s love of balance and an actualized aethstetic.

Scorpio | Constellation Studs

Intuitive and intense, Scorpios have a natural instinct for all things mystical including astrology.  They have a private nature, so these Constellation Studs are the perfect low key way to represent their devotion to their loved ones or themselves while maintaining their signature air of mystery.

Sagittarius | Solid Gold Airplane Charm

Sagittarius is best described as wanderlust personified, and this Solid Gold Airplane Charm is the most special token of their free spirited nature.  Gift them this charm on a solid gold chain leaving them room to add more meaningful tokens from their next great adventure.

Capricorn | Solid Gold Diamond Huggie Hoops

Work hard play hard is the motto of a Capricorn, and these hard workers love to flaunt their success with material items (I mean, can you blame them!?).  What better way to indulge a Capricorn’s expensive tastes than with the gem of all gems: diamonds.

Aquarius | Ellie Earrings in Gold with Opal

Aquarius is the sign of non-conformity and innovation, and the unique design of the Ellie Earrings in Gold with Opal is a perfect fit for the Aquarius in your life who lives to be ahead of the trends. Plus, the shimmering blue opals invoke the image of drops of water, perfectly representing Aquarius’ symbol: the water bearer. 

Pisces | Starry Night Mini Hoops

For your favorite stargazer.  Intuitive and empathetic Pisces has a strong natural connection to the universe as well as a dreamy and imaginative nature, and the Starry Night Mini Hoops will help them carry that magic wherever they go.

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