What Dinosaur Are You? Quiz

dinosaur earrings in between fingers with colorful nail art

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Back from extinction! We're obsessing over the new dino inspired jewelry from Girls Crew, inspired by Founder Jina Chang's obsession with all things dinosaur and Jurassic Park related when she was a kid.

While admiring our selfies in the Dino-Mite Stud Set, we had a thought: if we were dinosaurs, which species would we be? If you've ever had the same thought, answer the following questions to determine your dinosaur alter ego!

What are you ordering at brunch? 

A. Double cheeseburger, hold the lettuce

B. Chicken caesar salad

C. Veggie hummus wrap with fries

D. All of the above

Where are you standing at a concert?

A. At the very front where all the action’s happening

B. Alternating between the front and the back depending on the artist

C. Wherever you can find a place to sit down

D. You’ll feel out the vibes once you get there and decide

What shoes are you wearing on a night out?

A. Whichever pair of your 3 brand new heels that will get you the most compliments

B. The hottest new sneakers to keep it trendy while remaining comfortable

C. Your 3 year old tried and tested go-tos- no blisters here

D. Heely’s- who knows when you’ll want to roll away from a situation

You’re out of office for the day- where are you going?

A. A theme park for your required weekly dose of adrenaline

B. A museum or the beach, depending on the weather

C. Nowhere far- you’ll stay near or at home for max relaxation

D. You’re keeping that a secret so no one bothers you

dinoasaur earring stud set pinched between fingers with flower nail art

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Mostly A’s: T Rex

You have a big personality, you act first think later, and you’re basically famous (in your opinion, at least). You’re a T-Rex, and you don’t take no for an answer.

Mostly B’s: Oviraptor

You’re not like other dinosaurs, you’re unique. Did you know that only 1-2% of all dinosaurs were omnivores like the Oviraptor!? You’re always down to adapt to fit the situation, and when making choices you don’t let ironclad preferences get in the way of choosing what’s best.

Mostly C’s: Triceratops 

You keep the peace, you’re not looking for trouble, and your ideal afternoon is spent relaxing in nature. You’re a triceratops, and you’d rather be chilling.

Mostly D’s: Velociraptor

Did you know there’s a debate on whether a velociraptor was a carnivore or omnivore? They’re hard to pin down, just like you. You don’t like labels, and you’re 100% yourself at all times, even if that makes your actions sometimes seem contradictory.

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