What Exactly Is Spinel?

Despite its long established existence, spinel has only recently begun to garner attention. Often mistaken for rubies and sapphires, we decided to further explore the gem's history in honor of August, its birthstone month. 

Spinel can primarily be traced back to central and Southeast Asia, where in ancient times the stone was utilized for royal courts. One of the most famous examples, the "Black Prince's ruby," is on display at the Tower of London in England and can still be viewed today. 

While it does get confused for other gems, spinel can be identified by its octahedral structure, otherwise known as its eight faces. A spinel's color can also vary, ranging from more commonly found ink-black to the coveted ruby-red or cobalt-blue. 

A complicated stone, in its identification, spinel is actually believed to soothe one's energy. An ideal stone for anyone suffering from stress, this gem can enhance vitality and encourage both love and compassion. 

Photo: I Like It Here Club

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