What to Store in Your Locket

Lockets are a sweet and sentimental piece of jewelry that allow you to carry something close to your heart. We have created four fresh and thoughtful ideas on what you could keep inside of yours!

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A love note - Keep a love note in your locket to read whenever you want to feel close to a loved one. 


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A book pageTake a paragraph from your favorite book as tribute to the stories that mean the most. We recommend anything F. Scott Fitzgerald or Rupi Kaur.


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A dried flowerSave a flower from a special bouquet or plucked from a garden and carry it with you. The perfect keepsake for a newlywed!


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A mantra or manifestationWrite down your mantras and manifestations and read them out loud once a day. 


Finally, lockets are meant to keep what you love close to you every time you wear it. Whether it is a photo of a beloved pet or a note from a significant other, the sky is the limit! Shop lockets at Local Eclectic.

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