What You Need To Know About Nickel-Free Jewelry

Jewelry can be made of many different materials, but they are not all created equal. If you’re looking for a skin safe or sensitive skin option, nickel free jewelry is the way to go. However, what does nickel-free really mean?

Nickel is in a majority of metal items we use because it is inexpensive and adds durability as well as luster to other metals. Many base metals of jewelry can contain nickel which could make your skin react negatively. The main reasons why people choose nickel-free jewelry is because they have a skin allergy or sensitivity. This is when your skin get irritated when it comes into contact with metal that contains nickel, but not everyone has it! If you do, there are plenty of options for safe ‘nickel free’ metal types such as surgical grade, stainless steel, 14k Gold, 18k Gold, and 24k Gold. Sticking with these will help avoid any skin sensitivities you may have as you are less likely to have a reaction. 


 A few of our favorite Nickel free options: 

Shop the look: Thistle Studs with Labradorite and Pearl

Solid Gold Essential Opal Ring

Shop the look: Solid Gold Essential Opal Ring


Shop the look: J'Adore Ear Climbers

Shop the look: Mini Mother of Pearl Hoops

All this being said, nickel is around us everyday so decreasing our exposure to it is understandable, especially if you have an allergy. If you choose to go the nickel-free route, you can check them out here.

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