What Your Favorite Stone Says About You

Go ahead, play favorites.  We all have those stones that we’re instantly drawn to, that have a special place in our hearts and our jewelry boxes.  Call it the magic of the stone or the power of personal style; either way, these stones say a lot about our preferences and personalities.  Read on to find out what your favorite stone says about you.


You’ve got a fiery nature, just like your favorite stone.  You stand out without even trying (in the best way possible), and your multi-faceted and magnetic personality is reflected in the hypnotic flashes of color that are unique to opals.  You love to play around with your style, never sticking to one aesthetic for too long.


For every self identifying moonchild.  You’re drawn to magic and anything ethereal and otherworldly.  Like the moon itself, you’re a reliable source of light for others, which is reflected in the glow of your favorite stone.


Old soul energy (we see you, Audrey Hepburn).  Your style is refined, and you love a modern take on a classic design.  A neutral palette is your go to, and we have a feeling some of your favorite movies are in black & white.  You’re loyal to your personal style, often opting for timeless pieces instead of current trends.


Luxury is your middle name.  You love anything that feels rich and decadent, and you wholeheartedly believe in treating yourself (and we support you!).  Your style mentality is to invest in well made pieces that will last forever, with timeless designs that will never go out of style.

Mystic Topaz

More color, please.  You don’t believe in monochromatic.  The more color the better is your motto, which is why you love this stone that flashes a rainbow of shades all at once, matching your bright and eclectic personality.  Why would you confine yourself to just one of anything?  Your ever evolving interests require freedom to explore, and you don’t like to be boxed in.

London Blue Topaz

Trend driven with a subscription to Vogue.  You’re all about finding the hottest new styles, especially before they’ve gone mainstream, which is why you know that London Blue Topaz is jewelry’s next big stone.  Compliments on your style are your love language, extra points if they tell you they’ve never seen anything like it before.  Your ingenuity isn’t specific to fashion, and you’re widely known as a forward thinker who’s always looking ahead.

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