What's your sign? Moon Sign Edition

So you know your sun sign. What’s next? Any astrology aficionado will tell you that your sun sign only scratches the surface of your astrological birth chart. Most widely known because of its straightforward calculation, your sun sign is found by using the date of your birth. But just like the sun, every other planet is represented in your birth chart as well, and the placements of these planets in different zodiac signs have effects on your life and personality.  

The next most commonly known planet placement is your moon sign. Whereas your sun sign represents your outward personality and ego, your moon sign represents your emotional makeup, your feelings, and your inner world. It can provide insight on the role you play in relationships, your emotional needs, and how you react to different experiences. Ever feel a bit disconnected from characteristics of your sun sign, like certain traits fit but others just don’t? You may relate more to your moon sign in those aspects of your persona.

Your moon sign is calculated based on the date and place of your birth. You can calculate your entire birth chart including your moon sign here, and read on to learn more about what the moon in each zodiac sign represents.

Moon in Aries: Instant Gratification

Aries is the sign of impulsiveness, meaning Aries moons love fast and hard making for passionate relationships that may have a shorter expiration date. The moon in fiery Aries may mean temperamental emotions, but it also means straightforward discussions on how they feel.

Moon in Taurus: Sentimental Comfort

The moon in Taurus creates a need for comfort and security. Moon in Taurus people are romantic and sentimental with their aversion to change making them serial monogamists. They’re the rock in relationships and can always be counted on to be there for loved ones in need.

Moon in Gemini: Constant Communication

The sign of communication, people with the moon in Gemini always want to talk it out, and their active minds may lead to overthinking. Thriving in relationships where they feel intellectually stimulated, they are open minded individuals who have a way with words.

Moon in Cancer: Chronic Nostalgia

Hyper emotional, people with the moon in Cancer are in touch with their own feelings as well as the feelings of others making them natural caregivers and nurturers. They’ll never forget the way people and situations made them feel, causing an air of nostalgia as well as a tendency to hold a grudge.

Moon in Leo: All the Affection

Those with the moon in Leo crave affection. Their emotions and reactions are big and bold, but they may wait to express these feelings behind closed doors so as not to taint their public image. People with the moon in Leo live to love and be loved in return.

Moon in Virgo: Selfless Service

Virgo is synonymous with selflessness, making those with the moon in Virgo eager to help anyone in need, especially emotional need. People with the moon in Virgo are the most content when they feel useful to others, but need to keep an eye on their own well being since they have a tendency to be self critical.

Moon in Libra: Harmonious Compromise

Those with the moon in Libra crave someone to complement them, and these hopeless romantics are most comfortable in a relationship. Libra is the sign of balance and fairness making those with a Libra moon sign more than willing to compromise to achieve a level of harmony in their lives.

Moon in Scorpio: Emotional Intensity

Scorpio is the sign of depth, making those with the moon in Scorpio thrive on emotional intensity and strong chemistry. But don’t expect them to post their relationship all over social media; Scorpios love their privacy. Although they don’t trust easily, once you prove yourself to a lunar Scorpio they will be intensely loyal.

Moon in Sagittarius: Adventurous Optimism

Sagittarius is the sign of adventure and expansiveness, making those with this moon placement hard to tie down. This also makes them crave variety in their relationships, loving to connect with people from different backgrounds. They need to feel a sense of freedom, and as long as that need is met, they’re incredibly warm and optimistic people.

Moon in Capricorn: Calm Cool Collected

Those with the moon in Capricorn have a checklist when it comes to relationships and are looking for long term success with their partners and friendships. Good at keeping their emotions in check, they maintain a calm and cool exterior no matter what’s going on inside making them appear rational and realistic.

Moon in Aquarius: Voice of Reason

Aquarius is the sign of thought, and those with the moon in this sign like to observe and analyze the actions and emotions of others from a distance, making themselves seem a bit detached. This detachment makes them able to view things objectively, making them reasonable yet willful.

Moon in Pisces: Spaced Out

People with the moon in Pisces may appear a little spacey because of their dreamy nature. Highly intuitive and empathetic, these compassionate individuals are the healers of the zodiac, but need to be careful not to take on too much of others’ emotional turmoil.

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