White Hot - Silver & White Gold Jewelry


White hot trend alert - white gold and silver jewelry is making a major comeback and we're ready for it! Bright, lustrous, pale, and pearly - we can't get enough of the fairest metal of them all. From alabaster to ebony, the cool achromic tone of silver and white gold jewelry compliments every complexion on the spectrum.

White gold was invented in the 19th century. It gained popularity in the 1920's as an economical substitute for platinum. It is an alloy of gold with copper, zinc, and nickel.

Since its discovery (pre 4000 BC) silver has been a valuable metal. Useful since ancient times as a form of currency, and in more modern times in technology and industry, the most popular use for silver (and our favorite) is jewelry.  

PSA - most of our fine jewelry collection (solid gold pieces only) can be special ordered in white gold via our concierge team! Click here for info!


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