Why Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Matters

The phrase "socially conscious" is one that is tossed around quite often, but for New York based brand, Nectar Nectar, it's a responsibility they take to heart. 

Featuring statement jewelry that's ethically hand-crafted in India, Nectar Nectar pays respect to its artisans through their designs, often featuring hammered textures and unique gemstones. 

We spoke to the creator behind the brand about the importance of taking it slow when it comes to fashion. 

Read on for the full interview. 

how do you think the fashion industry as a whole can work to be more ethically conscious?

Recycling is a big part of ethical fashion for me. To be able to use recycled materials such as recycled metal whenever possible is so important to a company's carbon footprint.  

Using organic material is another ideal, synthetics are some of the biggest emitters of off-gases to our ozone later. Packaging is also a huge form of waste in the industry, especially with the amount of online ordering that is happening in today's markets so using recycled, biodegradable packaging could be quite impactful to the earth's preservation. 

why do you think sustainable fashion is important?

Sustainable fashion is so important to me because of the intention of care that it reflect from the inside out. Though it is not always the most affordable route in today's mass consumer market, it is this small ripple from the maker to the consumer that can create a big wave.

This is reflected anywhere from the contents and quality of material choices to the environments and treatments of the people producing the goods.

what's one thing you do to ensure you're being green in your daily life?

Eliminate the use of plastic bags. I carry reusable shopping bags with me when doing my grocery shopping or going out in general. It can take 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose in a landfill, so every plastic bag not used when purchasing something can make a huge difference.

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