Why Melanie Auld Made Us Fall in Love with Moonstones

While it's fairly common knowledge that diamonds are a girl's best friend, and opals are often regarded as the source of all mysticism, moonstones tend to get overlooked in the process. However; Canadian jewelry designer, Melanie Auld, is here to change all that.

Melanie Auld's jewelry collections are bold and timeless, and her latest Resort Collection heavily incorporates this often forgotten gem. Moonstones have not only been linked with moon deities, but have historically been thought to be magically formed from moonlight itself. 

The stones possess an internal structure perfectly suited to scattering and reflecting light, and one close look at the stunning jewel easily explains why it's so often associated with natural beauty. It can look like a piece of white ice with many layers, but when the light hits the stone, transform into a range of blues to purples to pinks. 

Shop some of our favorite Melanie Auld moonstone pieces: 

Moonstone Slice Cuff, $195.00 

Moonstone Slice Necklace, $135.00

Moonstone Slice Ring, $105.00

Moonstone Slice Trio Necklace, $130.00

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