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Why Opals Can Change Color


Has your opal jewel changed color? Don't panic, it's totally normal. Opals are unique compared to other gemstones in that their chemical structure contains a lot of water—up to 20% in some cases! When a natural opal stone gains or loses water, the appearance will change accordingly. Humidity, sweat, water, heat—these will all impact the color of a natural opal stone. This change in color can be beautiful, but we do have some care tips on how to maintain the quality and original color of your opal.


Tips for Caring for Opals

1. Opals should only be cleaned with warm water and a soft brush (and never exposed to harsh chemicals, even cleaners).

2. While you can wipe the surface of some opals with a damp cloth, such as doublets or triplets, you should never fully soak an opal in water as this could cause some discoloration.

3. Avoid exposing opals to either extreme darkness or excessively bright light. Think of the stone as a houseplant requiring the utmost balance of elements to retain its natural beauty.

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