Why You Should Wear Solid Gold Jewelry in The Summer

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To whom it may concern (that's you): I'm here to argue the case for wearing solid gold in the summer. 

Hear me out. Solid gold jewelry is more expensive than your traditional trendy fashion styles, but it's worth the investment, especially when temperatures hit their peak. You won't have to worry about ruining your new jewels on those hot and sweaty summer nights out, and when you'll also inevitably forget to take your jewelry off during the next morning's (or more realistically, afternoon's) shower.

solid gold rings on a hand with sky background and sun

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Don't get me wrong, plated jewelry has its place. In fact, I'm almost never not wearing a pair of plated statement earrings in my first piercing, especially in the summer (is there anything more iconic than huge earrings with a simple sundress?). But here's the thing: it's almost impossible to forget to take off a pair of 2 inch hoops. When it comes to necklaces, rings, and those huggies and studs that you leave in all the time whether you intend to or not, sticking to solid gold will ensure that these styles remain nice and gleaming throughout the whole summer and for many more years to come. 

hand with solid gold rings tucking hair behind the ear

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Solid Gold's Summer Selling Points: 

  • Sweat it out: The plating on non-solid jewelry will wear off over time, and sweat accelerates this process. You won't have this issue with solid gold. No matter how much you sweat (whether it's on the beach or in the club), your jewels will remain gleaming and golden. This is especially true of high contact pieces like necklaces and rings.
  • Leave it on: Don't stress about forgetting to take your pieces off pre-shower. Solid gold can withstand contact with water without tarnishing. And let's be real, your jewelry is the last thing you're thinking about in the AM after a memorable summer night (can someone pass the Advil?).
  • Stay hot by the pool: Make your poolside selfie worthy of the grid. As mentioned above, solid gold is your best friend when it comes to sweat and water. While your plated pieces can handle a little excess sweat on occasion and a one off accidental soaking, swimming in it is a sure fire way to cause tarnishing real quick. If you want to wear you jewels in chlorine, the only way to go is solid gold.

diamond gold bracelets on an arm with sky backgound

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In conclusion, don't say I didn't warn you. Solid gold not-so-basic-basics are the way to go for your summer looks. And to be clear, I'm 100% in support of adding a bold gold plated statement hoop or extra chunky semi-fine chain necklace into the mix, just take extra care to take them off once the party's over! And for those leave on all the time jewels, you can browse the Family Gold collection for my favorite affordable fine jewelry styles.

Find your solid gold summer staples here and thank me later.

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