The Melanie Auld Exclusive You Can't Find Anywhere Else

We've always known that Melanie Auld had a thing for moonstones, but we finally realized just how much during our most recent collaboration. The Circle Teardrop Moonstone Ring, exclusively designed for Local Eclectic, is a moonstone lover's dream, balancing the stunning stone with intricately thought out shapes. Read on to learn more about the designer's process and inspiration. 


What inspired this design? 

This design was inspired by wanting to create a piece that is beautiful and can stand on its own, but also pairs well with all of our other rings. I like to create pieces that can be worn countless ways and really are able to take on the DNA of their owners.

Can you speak on your personal process when designing a piece of jewelry? 

I typically already have a general idea in my head about the direction I want to go. I tend to let my mind wander as I sketch. I am very visual, so using my sketch pad I can always work out a design that speaks to me.

How do you balance your own aesthetic with another brand's vision when creating exclusive designs?

When designing or collaborating with someone else I always want to see a piece of us both in the design. I wanted that balance of pretty yet cool, the tiny pave and moonstone are so beautiful but when you pair two shapes together, it adds another dimension. 

You incorporate moonstones into a lot of your work. What is the significance of moonstones to you and why do you like working with this stone so much?

I am so in love with moonstones. They're very ethereal, the different dimensions, colors, and glow. No two stones are ever the same and I love that you never know exactly what you're going to get because it changes in different lighting. I haven't yet met a girl who didn't love them. 

What attracts you most about the "Local Eclectic girl"? 

I think the Local Eclectic girl is very cool, super on trend, and into original designs. She has her own voice and vibe and that's something I can totally get on board with!

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