How Instagram Influences Fashion

Photo: Laura Lombardi 

If you're someone who finds themselves endlessly scrolling through Instagram before finally succumbing to the sweet lull of sleep, then you've likely seen your fair share of closely cropped selfies. More likely than not, you're probably even guilty of posting at least one yourself. This new style of documentation, appropriately dubbed "The Earfie," has definitely lead to an increasing demand for statement earrings, and we talked to jewelry designer, Laura Lombardi, about just how this style evolution came to be. 


You've mentioned that you feel statement earrings were having a moment because of Instagram and the rise of the close up selfie... can you say a little bit more about this and how you think that social media is influencing fashion?

I think that social media is shaping the way we seek to present ourselves, and also making people more detail oriented when it comes to self presentation and creating imagery. The earring as an object lends itself well to this shift, as a vehicle for adornment or expression but also as an item that is sculptural and intriguing when photographed on its own. 

Why specifically do you think statement earrings are having such a moment?

I think the focus on statement earrings can be attributed and is a response to the minimalist aesthetic and monochrome palette that has been in favor for so many seasons. Bold earrings add an interesting contrast to these silhouettes. 

How do you think Instagram and other social media platforms have overall impacted the jewelry industry? 

I think we're seeing a lot more jewelry, and seeing it presented in creative and non-traditional ways which is exciting. 

I love seeing and sharing these images on my own account. I'm always excited to see and am inspired by the way women incorporate my pieces into their lifestyles. 

What inspired the design of the Curve Earrings?

I wanted to create a statement earring that could be worn with everything, every day. I keep my own preferences in mind when I design. My own look is super casual, I rely heavily on accessories to give character to my appearance and have always loved hoops in all sizes. I wanted to create something that would elevate the simplicity of jeans and a t-shirt, but that could also be incorporated into more involved looks. 

Those earrings have become such a hot commodity. What's been your biggest pinch me moment?

Seeing how a single piece could resonate with such a broad range of inspiring women is something I'm really honored by. 

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