How to Layer Your Necklaces

From earrings to rings, it's possible to layer or stack any jewelry piece, transforming even the most simple designs into sudden statements. Layering your necklaces can act as a smart and strategic way to reinvent the top half of your wardrobe or dress up a more casual look for a night out. 

Read on for our three favorite layering styles. 


The Puzzle Piece

More delicate and refined, this layering style combines two pieces that share identical stones and finishes and fit together to create the appearance of a puzzle piece. 

Elizabeth Stone Gemstone Eye Pendant Necklace with Moonstone, $54.00

La Kaiser Moonstone & Diamond Horizon Pendant Necklace, $130.00

The Statement Pairing

Combining two or more chunkier necklaces, this layering style may share some stones or finishes, but mostly aims to create a bigger and bolder statement.  

Leah Alexandra Anni Moonstone Necklace, $129.00

Leah Alexandra Star Moon Locket, $195.00


The Waterfall Layer

Cascading together like a waterfall, this layering style combines various necklace lengths, from chokers to lariats, to create the appearance of one flowing into another organically.


Five and Two Pandora Disk Choker, $58.00

Five and Two Lake Necklace, $102.00

Five and Two Thea Starburst Choker, $64.00

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