What's Your Sign? Rising Sign Edition

In this edition of What’s Your Sign, we’re talking all about rising signs, also known as your ascendant.  In your birth chart, you have a zodiac sign associated with every planet.  You probably know your sun sign (the sign that the sun was in on the day of your birth) and we talked all about moon signs in our previous blog.  So what’s a rising sign?  Your rising sign is the sign that was rising in the eastern horizon at the time of your birth.  It changes about every two hours, so you’ll need your exact birth time to calculate it (which you can do here).

Your rising sign, or ascendant, is often referred to as the “mask” you put on for the world.  It is seen in the first impressions you make on new people and your immediate reactions to new situations.  Whereas your sun sign represents your ego and how you view yourself, your rising sign represents how others view you.  If you’ve ever felt like there are aspects of your personality that just don’t fit with your sun sign, your rising sign might account for those.  In fact, many astrologers recommend reading both your sun and rising signs when looking at your horoscope because of how good an indicator your rising sign is of how you interact with others and the world around you.

Read on to learn more about your rising sign! 

Aries Rising | Act Fast

Quick to react, those with Aries rising tend to act first, think later.  Your active nature makes you a high energy and passionate person who others love to be around.  Try to keep your directness in check to avoid coming off as aggressive.

Taurus Rising | Strong Willed 

Slow and steady wins the race is the motto of those with a Taurus rising.  Dependable and loyal, you make an amazing friend.  Your strong willed nature can make you resistant to change, so be careful not to let your stubbornness rob you of new experiences.

Gemini Rising | Quick Wit

Mixing and mingling is the natural state of those with a Gemini rising.  You love to learn and observe and your curiosity is contagious, but your quick mind needs to move on to the next thing rapidly which can come off as impatience. 

Cancer Rising | Maternal Instinct

The mom of the group, Cancer rising people are nurturing by nature and love to reminisce.  You are empathetic and sensitive to other people's emotions, but your hard shell can make it tough for people to get close to you at first.  When you let down your guard, you become a loyal and loving friend.

Leo Rising | Magnetic Energy

People with a Leo rising feel as warm as the sun and tend to attract others like a magnet.  Your enthusiasm and optimism draw the attention of others but can cause disappointment when things don’t meet your high expectations.

Virgo Rising | Reserved Intelligence

Those with a Virgo rising care deeply for others, but their analytical mind is what presents itself first and foremost in their personality.  Your intelligence and work ethic precede you, but don’t let your detailed nature keep you from seeing the big picture.

Libra Rising | Natural Charm

Social butterflies, Libra rising people thrive when interacting with others.  You are charming and pleasant to be around and you crave balance, but your mood can alter quickly when faced with the unfairness of life.  

Scorpio Rising | All or Nothing

All or nothing is how the intense Scorpio rising person lives their life.  You have a presence that refuses to go unnoticed even though you have a secretive and private nature.  People naturally respect you but can also be intimidated or even fear you due to the power you exude.

Sagittarius Rising | Positive Vibes

Optimistic but restless, a yearning for freedom to explore is the hallmark of those with a Sagittarius rising.  Your warmth and sense of adventure make you the life of the party, but be careful that your tendency to say it like it is doesn't end up alienating the people around you.

Capricorn Rising | Goal Oriented

There’s always a new goal to achieve for a Capricorn rising.  Coming off as reserved at first, the people who know you best understand your dry humor and appreciate your responsible, eye on the prize mentality.  Try to enjoy your current achievements before searching for what is missing. 

Aquarius Rising | Non-Conforming

Unique and original, people with an Aquarius think for themselves and want others to know it.  You are quirky and different but not judgmental and are always open to learn about new ways of thinking and doing things.  Be careful not to let your focus on broad and lofty ideas detach you from the here and now.

Pisces Rising | Open Minded

The most gentle peace makers, Pisces rising people are as empathetic as they are open minded.  You have a knack for understanding the emotions and motives of others, but need to be careful to not let your impressionable nature keep you from forming your own opinions. 

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