Quiz: Which Sea Creature Are You?

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It’s the height of summer, and the heat has us constantly daydreaming about cooling off in some nice, cold water. Which has us wondering: if we were to take a trip under the sea, which sea creature would we be? Take the quiz to discover your marine life altar ego.

When it Comes to Drama You:

A. Run away as fast as your legs will take you

B. Prefer to be a fly on the wall and stay out of it

C. Get heated and fight it out

D. Keep your cool, but prepare to strike if it gets out of hand

Pick a summer activity:

A. A pool party with your whole crew

B. Finding a spot with AC and not moving for the rest of the day

C. A solo hiking adventure to get in touch with the great outdoors

D. Discovering a patio with great music and showing off your graceful dance moves

Which saying is your new motto:

A. Teamwork makes the dream work

B. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar

C. If you want it done right, do it yourself

D. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

When meeting new people you: 

A. Can come off as intimidating, but your besties know you’re actually the sweetest of the group

B. Can be pretty shy, but others are still drawn to your chill nature

C. Tend to be skeptical. You have enough friends

D. Steal the show with your dazzling personality


Mostly A’s: Crab 

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You may have a case of RBF, but your friends know that underneath that hard exterior you’re a total softie. Speaking of friends, you prefer to travel in a pack and you’re naturally cooperative. You shy away from any situation that pits one member of your group against another, believing that life is better when everyone gets along and works together.

Mostly B’s: Starfish

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You keep it pretty low key, and you shy away from drama and the spotlight, but others are still drawn to you because of your cool, calm, and collected energy. Some people may think you’re lazy, but you’re not afraid of the hard work. You just value your leisure time over anything too intense or chaotic.

Mostly C’s: Lobster

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You have a fiery spirit, and you don’t shy away from a fight. Your independent nature may make you seem standoffish at times, but this works in your favor since you prefer to keep your circle small and loyal. When it comes to getting things done, you’re a self starter and prefer to work on your own. After all, it’s the best way to ensure everything stays just how you like it.

Mostly D’s: Jellyfish

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On the surface you appear sweet and gentle. But others shouldn’t be fooled; you’ve got a nasty sting when provoked. You have a mesmerizing aura about you, and the way you gracefully flow through life garners the attention of others wherever you go. But you hardly notice the stares, staying humble and focussed on enjoying yourself.

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