Personalized engraving is our favorite way to take everyday jewelry and make it extra meaningful, and it’s the perfect way to symbolize the special people and special moments in your life.  The hardest part is deciding what to engrave, but don't stress, we’ve got you covered with the 7 most sentimental words and phrases to engrave on jewelry.
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New year, new jewelry! We asked the Local Eclectic team which new piece of jewelry is their must have for 2022, and although it's almost impossible for a jewelry-obsessed team like ours to narrow it down to only one favorite, we managed to bring you top picks from the certified jewelry experts themselves.
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Jewelry How To's
What’s a karat, anyway? Between jewelry shopping and pop culture references, we’ve all heard and used the term “karat” when referring to gold. But what exactly is a karat of gold, what do the different numbers mean, and which is best? Read on for everything you need to know about gold karats.
Humidity, sweat, water, heat—these will all impact the color of a natural opal stone. Learn proper opal care and why opals can change color over time.
Magical moonstones are one of our most requested gems. Loved for their ability to reflect and refract light, the stones carry a deeper meaning of mystery and mysticism. But have you ever taken a closer look at your favorite moonstone jewels and noticed little imperfections? Read on for what causes these inconsistencies and why these supposed flaws are actually what give moonstones their mesmerizing glow.
The science behind why certain types of jewelry will turn your finger green.
Care instructions for gold plated, gold vermeil, solid gold, brass, and sterling silver jewelry.
The difference between fine, semi-fine and fashion jewelry can be a thin line. On Local Eclectic, we sell all three. Here's a quick guide to understanding the difference between the three categories to help you determine if a solid gold diamond ring or a gold plated, more fashion forward ring is right for you.
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