What's Your Sign? Mercury Sign Edition

Next up in our Astrology 101 series: mercury signs.  In astrology, every planet is represented in your birth chart, and each planet is associated with a zodiac sign. Different planets rule different parts of your life and personality. We’ve talked about moon signs, which rule your emotions, and rising signs, which affect how others see you.  Today we’re talking all about mercury, which is the planet that rules communication and expression.

Your mercury sign can be seen in how you express your opinions, how you communicate with others in general, and how you react to the ways others express themselves.  You can find your Mercury sign here, and if you want to delve deeper you can calculate your entire birth chart.  

Mercury in Aries: Tell it Like it Is

Aries is synonymous with impulsiveness, so those with mercury in Aries communicate quickly, speaking first and thinking later.  For better or worse, these people aren’t afraid to speak their mind, and you can be sure that they mean what they say.

Mercury in Taurus: Think it Through

Slow but sure, people with mercury in Taurus will take their time and gather all the information before making decisions and can be stubborn about their opinion once it’s formed.  Their communication style may come off as slow, but their demeanor is deliberate and grounded.

Mercury in Gemini: Fast Talker

Quick talkers and fast learners, those with mercury in Gemini love gaining and sharing information on a wide variety of subjects.  Their broad interests and tendency to switch topics mid convo may make them seem scattered, but you can always count on mercury in Gemini people to offer informed insight.

Mercury in Cancer: Good Listener

The sign of sentimentality and relationships, people with mercury in Cancer make the best listeners.  They communicate from an emotional standpoint and their empathy allows them to understand the point of view of others while their natural maternal instinct helps them to soothe those in distress.

Mercury in Leo: Highly Persuasive

Leo is the sign of warmth and presence, and this charismatic mercury placement gives them the natural ability to persuade others.  With a tendency to be prideful, these commanding speakers may stubbornly cling to their opinions.

Mercury in Virgo: To the Point

Analytical and meticulous Virgo calls mercury its home planet, and this placement manifests as an efficient communication style.  These organized individuals don’t believe in beating around the bush and are especially skilled at communicating clearly and precisely, cutting out all unnecessary information.

Mercury in Libra: Born Diplomat

The sign of balance and fairness, people with mercury in Libra are diplomatic by nature.  They always try to understand both sides of an argument, striving to find the middle ground and shying away from extremes.  Some may call them devil’s advocates, but mercury in Libra people prefer to think of it as objectivity.

Mercury in Scorpio: Below the Surface 

Scorpio is best known for its intensity and intuitiveness, making those with mercury in Scorpio skilled observers and passionate communicators.  You can count on these people to tell the truth and to offer insightful opinions due to their ability to see below the surface of others actions.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Free Thinker

Sagitatarius strives for a sense of freedom in all things, and this expansive nature makes them focus on the big picture as opposed to small details.  This fire sign is also known for its optimism, giving those with mercury in Sagittarius a “look on the bright side” approach to life.


Mercury in Capricorn: No Nonsense

People with mercury in Capricorn tend to be a bit skeptical by nature, preferring to communicate with facts and practicality over emotion and theatrics.  This sign is particularly focussed on success, relying on efficient communication to get them there.

Mercury in Aquarius: Outside the Box

Aquarius is the sign of intellect and unconventionality, giving people with mercury in Aquarius the ability to think outside the box.  These creative thinkers also tend to be a bit detached and aloof, allowing them to analyze situations objectively instead of reacting emotionally. 

Mercury in Pisces: Poetic by Nature

Pisces is the most empathetic of all the signs, making those with mercury in Pisces highly emotional as well as intuitive.  As born romantics, they tend to express themselves in a poetic way, and their ability to understand the feelings of others makes them great listeners.  

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