What's Your Sign? Venus Sign Edition

It’s the month of love, which means it’s the perfect time to talk about Venus signs.  In case you’ve missed any of the previous blogs in our What’s Your Sign series, here’s a quick recap: in astrology, your birth chart tracks where all of the planets were in the sky at your exact time of birth, and these placements are all tied to a zodiac sign.  Your sun sign is calculated using only your day of birth, and it’s the sign that most people know in their birth chart, but you also have a sign associated with all the other planets, and each of those signs affects a different area of your life.  Your moon sign impacts your emotions, your mercury sign affects how you communicate, and your venus sign is specifically about how you like to give and receive love.

Venus is the planet that rules love and beauty, so your venus sign reflects the pleasures you enjoy, your aesthetic tastes, and how you approach romantic relationships.  You can calculate your venus sign here, and read on for how Venus manifests itself in each zodiac sign.

Venus in Aries: Big Flirt

People with Venus in Aries value directness, and they’re not into playing hard to get; if they like you, you’ll know.  Their flirting may come off as aggressive to some but charming to others.  Keep them interested by playing into their competitive streak.

Venus in Taurus: Earthly Pleasures

Those with Venus in Taurus thrive on physical comforts.  They take pleasure in lavish items and love a good treat yourself moment.  Craving stability, they look for a partner who feels dependable and secure.  These homebodies feel happiest when they’re enjoying quality time with their lover.

Venus in Gemini: Witty Banter

For anyone with Venus in Gemini, the way to their heart is through witty banter.  They crave intellectual connection and to be mentally stimulated.  They like a challenge and will shy away from anything that feels too comfortable.  Spontaneity is how to keep them interested.

Venus in Cancer: Security Seekers

Cancer is a sign that’s notoriously sensitive, so those with their Venus in Cancer require assurance from their partner.  They thrive in a relationship that feels safe and secure, and when that security is threatened they’ll get moody and retreat.  When their needs are met, they show their love in nurturing and sentimental ways.

Venus in Leo: PDA 

Public displays of affection are the ultimate love language for people with Venus in Leo.  They have a theatrical streak and thrive on grand gestures, and they’ll never hide their feelings, preferring to shout them from the rooftops.  They’re intensely loyal lovers as long as they’re getting the attention they feel they deserve. 

Venus in Virgo: Here to Help 

Virgo is the sign of problem solving, so those with Venus in Virgo are never afraid to put in the time to make a relationship work.  These cautious people won’t make the first move unless they’re entirely sure their feelings are reciprocated.  Although not outwardly flirtatious, they make their partners feel loved through acts of service and are always more than willing to help.

Venus is Libra: Quick to Commit

Libras love love, and so those with Venus in Libra are happiest when they’re in a committed relationship.  These hopeless romantics are always longing for their better half, sometimes jumping into things too quickly to fulfil their desire of finding their soulmate.  They crave balance above all else and need fairness in their partnerships.

Venus in Scorpio: Intensity & Taboo

The sign of intensity, Scorpio goes all in on everything, and so those with Venus in Scorpio love a deep, committed relationship.  They never shy away from depth or taboo so they prefer a partner who is willing to delve headfirst into intimacy, craving to connect on a spiritual level.

Venus in Sagittarius: Open to Experience

Sagittarius is all about freedom and experience, so in order to be happy in a relationship, those with Venus in Sagittarius must feel free to grow independently of their partner while also being able to share meaningful experiences with them.

Venus in Capricorn: Power Couple

If you’re able to break through their cool and competent exterior, you’ll find that those with Venus in Capricorn yearn for a deep connection.  These people need to feel in control of their lives, so they’re not quick to show their emotions, erring on the side of caution when it comes to love.  They look for someone who is as goal oriented as they are to build a life with.

Venus in Aquarius: “You’re Different”

Averse to tradition and convention, people with Venus in Aquarius don’t want a cookie cutter relationship.  They pride themselves on being free thinkers, and they need to be with someone who appreciates and recognizes the fact that they’re unique.  The way to their heart is by letting them know that they’re not like anyone else.

Venus in Pisces: Hopeless Romantic

Empathetic Pisces is majorly in tune with the emotions of others, and so those with Venus in Pisces crave an intensely emotional connection.  These dreamy souls live in their heads, often creating their own fantasies, so it can be hard to pull them back to earth.  They do well with a partner who can ground them while still playing into their romantic nature.

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